There have been many times when I have been out and about and I see someone who has got it going on with their style? They look so amazingly put together while I’m over here in my gym kit and a bun, ugh!

I used to head to the mall and purchase anything that caught my eye. Funny fact, I’m attracted to neon and bright colors. I recently did a KonMari closet clear out and discovered that I have a ton of clothing items, specifically neon orange, and I never wear them. I don’t know why I’m attracted to bright colors, I just am, don’t hate. So, I’ve made the decision to only buy beach towels that have these bright colors because I love seeing them. Hello, summer!

But, when it comes to clothing, I’ve discovered that I really prefer to wear dark blue, black, gray, tan, white, and shades along those lines. Basically, I prefer simple and safe.

Currently, I’m loving the teddy bear coats, but I know that it’s a fad and it won’t be around for long. If I do end up purchasing one it will inexpensive and similar to this one here.

Where I do like to play with prints is in items like scarves. That’s it. I know, basic, basic, basic. My favorite scarf is the Burberry classic cashmere scarf. I admire people who wear bold prints but that just isn’t for me. Those types of items will just hang in my closet and eventually get donated with the tags still on them.

When I do invest in a piece of clothing it will most likely be shoes, handbags, and outerwear like the Burberry trench coat. My favorite is the Kensington cotton-gabardine trench coat which has stood the test of time. Other than that, I don’t usually spend too much on jeans and sweaters. For me, I find that sweaters only survive the washing cycle for about a season. After that, they tend to look a bit worn out. Although, I would love to own a cashmere sweater or five. Just saying.

Here is a less expensive version of the classic trench coat.

So, the question is…”How do I find my style?” The best place to start is Pinterest. Create a Pinterest board and call it My Style or something similar. Browse through some of the pins and pin the clothing that you love. Once you have 20 – 30 of these style pins you should begin to see a pattern. That, my fabulous people, would be the beginning of figuring out what your personal fashion style is.

Check out my Pinterest Winter Style board or my Casual Style board to get an idea of my preferred clothing style and give me a follow while you’re there.

Let me know in the comments below what you’ve realized about your style. Also, does anyone else find themselves attracted to bright neon colors? I just can’t help myself. The struggle is real.

Have a fabulous week!

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