But First Lipstick Makeup Bag

My favorite type of YouTube videos to watch are travel vlogs. I watch them to see what people are packing in their travel makeup bags. It’s my opinion that this is where you find the good stuff. I know that when I go on vacation I only take what is necessary. 

How many of you stash away all the little travel sizes of makeup and skincare that you receive in your monthly beauty boxes? I know I have quite the stash building up. I always tell myself that these little beauties will be great for my travel bag. But, I have stopped telling myself that. There is nothing worse than being on a holiday/vacation and experiencing a reaction to something new that you have been wanting to try. Ugh! I have very sensitive skin and I have started using my makeup samples at home when I don’t have anything major coming up, just in case. With all that said, I have found some new ride or die products that were sent to me in my monthly beauty box that I have ended up buying full size. It can be really hit or miss and I would rather not while on vacation.

Only What is Necessary

The following is a complete list of everything that I take with me while traveling:

  1. Lip balm. There is nothing worse than traveling with chapped lips.
  2. Alcohol-Free Toner. Neutrogena.
  3. CC Cream. Daily Correct with SPF 35. Supergoop!
  4. MAC Skinfinish.
  5. If I can avoid brining a palette I will. I prefer to bring two loose shades in neutral colors. In this case, I brought my Smashbox, #shapematters | eyes palette along with my NYX Love Countours All palette. I could have gotten away with just bringing the contour palette and using one of the shades for eyeshadow.
  6. Blush. Current favorite is Tarte, Paaarty. It’s a beautiful peachy shade that I am really loving right now.
  7. Mascara. My current fave is Benefit, They’re Real. Love the mascara, hate the wand.
  8. I always, always bring a couple of face masks with me. Recently, I’ve been using a skin-clarifying mud mask by Formula 10.0.6. 
  9. Moisturizers. One for day and one for night.
  10. Lipstick. Light color for daytime and one a little darker for the evening.
  11. Powder brush, blush brush, contour brush, eye brush, highlighter brush.
Smashbox and NYX

I know that some people prefer to have a huge stash of makeup with them when they travel but I love to keep it to a minimum and only what I absolutely love. I prefer to keep the stash safe and sound at home.

What are some of your favorites and must haves while you are traveling? Do you find it difficult to take only what you know you will use?

Let me know in the comments!

Taylor Danger, xo